Van holiday in Croatia for foodie lovers

Van holiday in Croatia for foodie lover

Van holiday in Croatia doesn’t have to be only about scenic roads, beautiful nature and old cities. Very important part of experiencing local culture is to try traditional food. Local food tells the story of a destination’s history, culture, and people.

Croatia offers a wide variety of delicious food options that will leave you wanting more. The diversity in regions means you will be able to experience different specialties all over the country.

Croatian food is partly Mediterranean, partly continental so you won’t be eating the same food in southern Dalmatian cities like Dubrovnik and Split as you will in Zagreb or Osijek in the East.

Feel like local on your van holiday in Croatia

In Croatia, people really like to enjoy quality food and drink, so blend in and taste real local atmosphere on your van holiday in Croatia. Maybe you can plan your van holiday in Croatia by the food you like the most! Feel free to contact us for more information and routes.

Croatia offers wide variety of tasty food

Here are some of must try foods:

1. Peka

Peka is a dish which is cooked with a metal cover in an open chimney by the hot coals and ashes. The dish is left to cook gradually in its own juices until the meat is delicate. Generally lamb, veal or octopus is set with vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onion) inside the dish.  Great thing is that our partners from campsite “Banovi dvori” are offering traditional peka with 10% discount only for our guests!

2. Riba na gradele or fish on the grill

While on van holiday in Croatia, you must try fresh fish made in traditional way over an open fire. Dalmatians are professionals in grilling the fish while keeping it juicy at the same time. Croats usually serve it with chard, potatoes and olive oil. Enjoy this meal with glass of domestic wine.

While on van holiday in Croatia, must try is fish made in traditional way over an open fire.
Fish on the grill

3. Crni rizot or black risotto

This fantastic rice dish is very popular in the region of Dalmatia. It is made of cuttlefish that is full of black ink which gives the special flavor to the rice. Traditionally, Croats serve it with little bit of grated parmesan and glass of local red wine.

4. Prsut, kulen and cheese

Kulen, prsut and cheese are usually served as an appetizer in Croatia. Prsut from Dalmatia and Kulen from Slavonia are Croatia’s two head dried meat treats. Prsut  is made by drying and smoking the hind limbs of a pig and the meat has a smoky and salty flavor, while Kulen is a spicy sausage made by blending of fine Slavonian pork, hot red paprika, and garlic. Both are usually served with world famous Croatian cheese – Paški sir.  Try this amazing appetizer in our partner’s restaurant “Banovi dvori” for discounted prices.

While on van holiday in Croatia, must start your meal with local appetizer like prsut and cheese.
Prsut and cheese served in Restaurant “Banovi dvori”

5. Buzara

Traditionally fresh scampi or mussels are cooked in a mixture of fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic and wine. This technique makes a tasty sauce that gives the dish particular, clean flavor and smell of the sea.  It is often eaten with polenta.

6. Fuzi with truffles

Some of the world’s most searched truffles can be found in the Croatian district of Istria. One of the best culinary experiences that can be had in the nation is the Istrian Fuzi pasta with a truffle-based sauce. Fuzi (type of pasta) used to be poor man’s food, while today people from Istria are preparing it to make Istria’s most famous specialties.

While on van holiday in Istria, must try is creamy fuzi with truffles.
Truffle pasta

7. Janjetina sa raznja or Lamb on the spit

This is traditional meal which Croats eat for all kind of celebrations. Best lamb in Croatia comes from the islands of Cres, Pag and Kornati. The reasons are combination of aromatic herbs and sea salt. Lamb on the spit, Croats traditionally eat with “kapulica” (spring onions).  You can also try this amazing meal in our partner’s restaurant “Banovi dvori” for discounted prices.

Lamb on the spit made in Restaurant “Banovi dvori”

8. Croatian BBQ

Barbecue is very famous for weekend lunches or summer gatherings. Traditional minced meat for barbecue are čevapčići and pljeskavica which Croats serve on warm plates with finely chopped onion, grilled vegetables, fresh seasonal salad, lepinja (flat bread), kaymak – creamy dairy product and ajvar – pepper-based condiment made principally from red bell peppers and oil.

While on van holiday in Croatia, check why local bbq is the best bbq you will try.
Čevapčići, pljeskavice, sausages, pork, chicken and many delicious side dishes.

9. Zagorski strukli

Traditional dish in the north of the country – Hrvatsko Zagorje and Zagreb. It is a mixture of cottage cheese with eggs, sour cream and salt spread thinly over the pastry and rolled. Strukli can be boiled or baked and sweet or salty. In 2007 Zagorski strukli was added to Croatia’s immaterial cultural legacy kept up by Croatia’s ministry of culture.

10. Wine

Last but not least is famous Croatian drink – wine. The absolute most renowned Croatian wines incorporate the red Plavac Mali from the Peljesac Peninsula and the whites Posip (Korcula/Peljesac Peninsula); Grk (Korcula); Malvazija (Istria); and Grasevina (Croatian inside). Prosek is a sweet treat wine, generally normal in Dalmatia. Regularly, locals drink wine weakened with either still water (beverages known as gemišt) or carbonated water (beverages known as bevanda).

Croatia is very popular for its wine

As a part of your van holiday in Croatia, we suggest visiting local wineries and wine producers on the Peljesac Peninsula, Istria and Slavonia.

For more traditional food and where to try it, check this page.

If you have any questions or need recommendation for your foodie route, please contact usWe are here for you 🙂

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