Preparing for your road trip

Preparing for your road trip

Once you go on a campervan road trip, you’ll become addicted to it. Especially camping with campervan where you are flexible and can enjoy the comfort and the freedom of the wild outdoors in the same time. If you want to visit someplace new in the morning, you can just pop into the driver’s seat and get a move on. You already have everything you need with you. To help you prepare for your trip, we listed some useful things to note before you start your campervan road trip!

Camping is good for your physical and mental health. It connects you with nature, increases vitamin D intake, helps with problem solving, helps you sleep better, improves your mood and many more 🙂.

Here is the list of some useful things for campervan road trip:

  • Before you start packing, choose soft bags and backpacks instead of hard side luggage (it won’t fit in storage space).
  • It’s ideal to plan your campervan road trip in advance. It’s not necessary to make exact plan but explore some of possible roads and places you want to visit. Check out our trip suggestions or contact us for your personal itinerary.
  • Consider your campgrounds previously. A touch of go with the flow is fundamental on a campervan road trip, but you can eliminate a lot of stress by knowing where you’ll sleep every night. Find out possible stops along your route and pick the spot that is best at that time. List of Croatian campsites find here.
  • Note that in Croatia is strictly forbidden to camp outside registered campsites. But don’t worry, there is more than 300 campsites to choose, whether you’re looking for a mini-camp for a more natural experience, a luxury or even naturist camping sites.
  • Decide your activities and check the gear before you go. You can choose a lot of our extra equipment so don’t worry but please don’t forget some of essentials like swim suit, hiking shoes and camera.
  • It’s always good to have baby wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, flashlight and plastic bags with you.
  • There is enough storage space in our campervan but don’t over pack. During our traveling, we learned the less we have, the happier we are.


Useful thing for a campervan road trip is the less you have, the happier you are!

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are here for you 🙂

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