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Our Story of starting campervan rental in Croatia

Our story begins by setting off to the other part of the world – New Zealand. We quit our jobs, applied for working holiday visas and went to the greatest adventure of our lives which lasted 15 months. Most beautiful 15 months ever that changed our lives totally.
When we came back, we started campervan rental in Croatia! We really want others to experience this beautiful way of travelling!

Everybody is traveling by campervans and enjoying road trips

At the point when we came in New Zealand, we noticed everybody was traveling by campervans so did we. Our campervan wasn’t really a van, it was a little larger car with a bed inside and a small kitchen in the back. We didn’t have a bench or a table inside, electricity or great comfort, but we had everything we needed and enjoyed each day spent in.

The car was our companion and we named it Piafy. We carefully looked after Piafy, listened to each sound, checking oil and wheels…Why? Because Piafy wasn’t only our transportation, it was the place where we were eating, sleeping, smiling, reading,…

If you try campervan rental Croatia, you can save money just for cooking in van and not eating in restaurants.
Šime and our NZ Piafy

Our days were so delightful and worry-free

We would wake up in the nature, make a breakfast and coffee, read a book and afterward decide where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do that day. Some days we would go hiking or sightseeing, but some days we would just stay in campground to relax in hammock and do nothing. In the evening we would play games, make barbecue and drink wine – such a lovely life!

Very soon we got used to campervan road trips and the freedom it offered. You didn’t need to worry about anything, all that you need was consistently with you – in your van. You just need to relax, enjoy and decide where you want to go! Very soon we became more cheerful and fulfilled – we got alive! It was our first experience of campervan road trip but we realized that’s certainly how we wanted to travel our whole life.

Campervan road trip better than backpacking

After leaving New Zealand, we spent 5 months backpacking round Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka. Backpacking is certainly excellent way of traveling but being on a campervan road trip is way better! In your campervan you are free to go wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about timetables and public transport, restaurants, where to eat and you don’t carry your heavy pack on your back. The kitchen in  the van is an amazing thing for two reasons: you can cook whenever you want and also set aside your money for not eating in restaurants.

New Zealand

Imagine situation like this

Outside it  is nightfall and you drive in scenic road surrounded by wonderful nature, sea and islands. Then you stop on a viewpoint, put chairs outside, make a tea and just enjoy sunset and the most beautiful moment.

Sounds amazing right? Well it can easily be your daily routine while travelling by campervan!

Idea of starting campervan rental in Croatia

While we were in New Zealand, we spent hours and hours hiking in nature. That made us more contented and opened our minds to the better way of thinking. That’s how the idea of starting campervan rental in Croatia was born! We truly wanted others to experience this amazing type of traveling while enjoying all the beauties (nature, old cities, villages, scenic roads, mountains) of Croatia. It is a shame to come to Croatia and visit only Split or Dubrovnik. Croatia is way more than that! But to be able to experience all that our country gives, you need a transportation. There is no better one than campervan! This is how Your Way – campervan rental in Croatia was born!

Only happy faces when you try campervan rental in Croatia

After a year thinking about this idea, it has become reality. We lived and travelled by campervan several months so our own experience helped us a lot because we know exactly what is necessary for a perfect campervan and a perfect road trip!

Our main goal is motivate others to try it and we are sure you will enjoy it like we enjoyed every day with our Piafy

Take It Easy and enjoy campervan road trip

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