Roads in Croatia

Roads in Croatia

The most ideal way to investigate Croatia is to go on a campervan road trip. The country is little, streets are in great condition, and you can essentially see so much even if you intend to visit Croatia just for a brief timeframe. There are 6758 km of roads spreading through Croatia plus over 1000 islands you can choose from. So don’t worry, it is enough for multiple Croatia campervan road trips. It is impossible to experience everything in coming just once. Good thing is that some islands (like Pag, Krk and Murter) are connected with land by bridge, so no need for ferry crossing! But we highly recommend visiting at least one island which is not so close to the land, it is a definitely special feeling to be on a remote island!

Island Pag bridge


Driving in Croatia is very easy as roads are of generally excellent standards, well signed and are easy to follow. Our motorway system runs continuously from the north toward the south, and from the east toward the west. Only exception is motorway south – to Dubrovnik – which is right now developed as far as Ploce, which is about 100km north of Dubrovnik. All multi-path motorways in Croatia have tolls. The motorways are constantly set apart with the letter A (for example the motorway A1 associates Zagreb with Dalmatia (Zadar, Split, Ploce), A6 interfaces Zagreb with Rijeka, A3 Zagreb with Slavonia,..). The Motorway A1 is additionally called Europe’s most beautiful highway.

Jadranska Magistrala is perfect for Croatia campervan road trip
                                                                                       Jadranska Magistrala – perfect for campervan road trip

Scenic roads on Croatia campervan road trip

Croatia has one of Europe’s most beautiful roads – 643,1km long Jadranska Magistrala or Adriatic Highway (D8). You will be rewarded with a wonderful scenery of the Adriatic Sea and islands during the whole trip. Jadranska Magistrala is running all the way from Rijeka to Dubrovnik! Jadranska Magistrala is not the kind of road that should be done in a hurry, so take it easy, enjoy your Croatia campervan road trip and make many stops. There are plenty of amazing viewpoints along the road. Wonderful sights it offers are unforgettable.

Check some campervan road trip tours where we included Jadranska Magistrala.

                                                                                       Jadranska Magistrala


Countryside roads are in good condition everywhere in Croatia. Please note those paths are thin and twisty and usually don’t have a white line in the center; still easy reachable by our campervans.

You can easily reach hilly roads on a croatia campervan road trip
                                                                                        Windy road to Platak hill

Useful information for Croatia campervan road trip:

  • Drive on the right side. Overtaking is on the left.

  • International Driving Permit, is not mandatory, your country driver’s license is enough
  • Permitted blood alcohol limit for driving is 0.05%, as long as you don’t have any road accident (in that case is 0,0%)
  • Road rules are pretty much equivalent to wherever else: watch speed limits, don’t use your telephone while driving, and wear a safety belt consistently.
  • Most gas stations are open from early morning to late evening time and some are open 24 hours. The price of fuel is around 9 Kn per liter, for both diesel and gasoline. Pay by cash or credit/debit card.
  • Check here road conditions in Croatia.

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