Hiking in Croatia

Hiking in Croatia

Many people think Croatia is only about crystal clear sea, beaches, and good food. But did you know that Croatia is full of beautiful hiking trails?

Imagine walking in the mountains while having a view of islands and the sea. It’s perfect, isn’t it?

In YourWay we are passionate about hiking, and we are spending our free time mostly in nature. So don’t worry, you are in good hands! We are here for you and if you need any advice feel free to ask us 🙂

We put down some of our favorite hiking trails where you can experience true Croatian beauty.

So here we go!

Premuzic’s trail

Premuzic’s trail is one of Croatia’s most beautiful trails extending from Zavižan to Baške Oštarije. It is 57 km long, running through the most wonderful and the most inaccessible partQs of Velebit with no big ascents and descents.

Usually, people are taking 3 days for the whole route but if you are short in time, we suggest taking a one day hike from Zavizan mountain hut to Rossi’s shelter. Be prepared to take a real adventure with amazing sea perspectives, islands, and experience surprising beauties of Croatian nature!

Make sure to book the van/taxi which can drop you off from the ending to the starting point! Either you start with Zavižan or Baške Oštarije, both places have parking spaces to leave the campervan.

Duration: 5h 30min Length: 14.8 km Highest elevation: 1634m Skill level: moderate Starting point: Zavizan mountain hut Ending point: Rossi’s shelter

Ucka Mountain (PD Poklon-Vojak)

Starting point is in front of the mountain hut ‘’Poklon’’. There is a big parking lot.

This trail is easy and suitable for hiking in all seasons. It passes through the tall beech trees and crosses an asphalt road several times. On the top you will be regarded with a beautiful view of Istria, Kvarner Bay, Velebit, Risnjak and other parts of Gorski Kotar.

There are few more hiking trails with different starting points, so if you spend more time around Učka maybe you can hike to the top twice! Viewpoint on the top is so beautiful you would love to come back.

Duration: 1h 30min Length: 3.5 km Highest elevation: 1.396 m Skill level: easy Starting point: Poklon

Risnjak National Park

The main entrance to Risnjak National Park is 1km west of the village Crni Lug. You can easily park the campervan here. The primary interest for walkers and hikers is the peak of Veliki Risnjak which is 1,528m high. From the park entrance it takes about 3 hours to climb to the top of Veliki Risnjak. There is even a mountain hut just 100m below the summit of Veliki Risnjak that is called Schlosser’s Mountain hut. Appreciate the spectacular views of this wonderful forest trail and continue from the mountain hut to the peak of Veliki Risnjak!

Last part includes some rock scrambling and is optional, but recommendable as the view from the top is exceptional! On clear days you can see mountain Velebit, Učka, town Rijeka, sea, and islands near Rijeka!

Duration: 3 h Length: 8.9 km Highest elevation: 1.528 m Skill level: moderate Starting point: Crni Lug (Entrance NP Risnjak)

OPTIONAL: Another famous hiking trail in NP Risnjak is to follow the Kupa River Valley that is viewed as the most beautiful area of the Risnjak National Park and is an exceptionally pleasant valley. Kupa hike is only 1,5h return hike so you can easily do it in the same day with climb to Veliki Risnjak (if you start early in the morning).

Sveto Brdo

Sveto Brdo (Holly Hill) – the second highest peak of Mount Velebit – 1751 m.

Duration depends on the weather conditions and your own physical competence. It is not easy, so you need to be reasonably fit to make it. But trust us, the 360 degrees view on the top is very rewarding and you’ll forget about all the pain and effort needed to reach it.

For a day tour, the usual starting point is Male Libinje, but you can also make a two-day route and enjoy Velebit even more.

There is a beautiful and free mountain shelter you can sleep in.

Duration: 3h Length: 8.7 km Highest elevation: 1751m Skill level: moderate to hard Starting point: Male Libinje

White rocks – Begova trail

White rocks are protected with the top nature protection conceivable – Strict nature reserve! The nature here must remain untouched and wild, so you are privileged to hike here, taking home beautiful photos and memories. This is the place where nature genuinely played an incredible game by making astounding shapes of rocks, which by far surpass all that was made by human hand. At numerous areas in White and Samarske Rocks there are sharp and vertical forms, rising steeply to 50 meters and more. Rocks can be reached by a marked and easily crossable mountain trail. Directly under the highest point of the White Rocks, there are two mountain shelters.

The path goes further through the stones towards the summit, opening impressive views of the surrounding area. The actual top of the White Rocks is 1335 meters high and offers a delightful perspective on Bjelolasica, Klek and various pinnacles of the most surprising structures.

Starting point Begovo Razdolje has a parking lot where you can park our campervans.

Duration: 50 min

Length: 1.5 km

Highest elevation: 1.301 m

Skill level: easy

Starting point: near Begovo Razdolje

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