Campervan vs. motorhome – What’s the difference?

Campervan vs. motorhome – What’s the difference?

If you want to explore new destinations and don’t want to rest in one place, then a campervan rental is the right solution for you. However, there are several types of vehicles – from campers, caravans and motorhomes. What distinguishes them?

Campervan vs. motorhome
Campervan vs. motorhome – What’s the difference?

What is a campervan?

It looks like an ordinary van, but it is suitable for sleeping.


How are the campers equipped?

Campervans are usually equipped with basic equipment such as bed, mini kitchen, table and chairs. Up to three people can stay in them, including a child or a pet. Check our campervans.


Campervan kitchen
Campervan kitchen

How is the motorhome equipped?

A motorhome is much larger than a camper. Up to six people can usually stay in it. Motorhomes are usually fully equipped with beds, a kitchen, a shower and toilet.


What to choose a campervan or a motorhome?

It depends on your needs, travel plan, budget and travel style. Campervans are most often rented by people looking for adventure. Although renting a campervan is most often associated with younger people, this does not always have to be the rule. Campervans are also loved by retirees and families with children – that is, everyone who loves adventures, traveling and exploring a chosen destination without wanting to stay in one place.


Unlike motorhomes, which are large, you can fit anywhere with a campervan because it is much smaller and therefore more practical. You can take the campervan to the city or to the picnic area. You can take it to any destination. Stay with it by the river or by an unexplored beach. The campervans are not equipped with a shower and toilet, but you can spend the night at any camping site in Croatia, as they all have the necessary facilities.


Which one to choose depends on a lot. However, if you do not feel safe driving a huge vehicle, if you will be stopping in cities, picnic areas and national parks then a campervan – which is lighter and more mobile and more affordable – the right solution for you.

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Campervan living room
Campervan living room convertable to a bed

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