Camper road trip Croatia: 10 Days

YourWay camper road trip (tour) in: 10 days

Zadar – Dugi otok – Šibenik – Cetina – Split – Plitvice – Paklenica – Zrmanja

This campervan trip is perfect for an adventurous couple who like outdoor activities and feel the best in nature. It is also very romantic because we included old towns of Zadar and Šibenik, as well as historical romantic spot Kudin most. Except nature wonders and top Roman sites, on this Croatia campervan trip you are going to explore tasty cuisine, scenic roads, history, island, crystal clear sea and beaches from paradise.

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Day 1


Take a walk round old city, have a coffee in Kalelarga, the ancient Roman street, listen to Sea organ one of the greatest sights on the Adriatic coast, have a swim in the crystal-clear sea, eat fresh fish, drink local wine and enjoy the whole day in Zadar. Alfred Hitchcock said that Zadar has the best sunset in the world, so please don’t skip to enjoy that romantic moment! If you have time, visit nearby small city of Nin. After a day in city of Zadar you can stay in Camp Odmoree or Camp Planik with 10% discount.

Day 2, 3 and 4

dugi otok

Take a one-hour ferry ride from Zadar to Dugi otok (“Long Island”). It is a relaxing alternative to more crowded islands towards to south. Main villages on the island are Bozava and Sali. On the northern part of the island, there is one of the most delightful beaches in the whole Croatia – Sakarun. Perfectly clear turquoise water and white sandy seashore make this beach a genuine pearl of the entire island. Close to the Sakarun beach, there is a lighthouse situated close to Veli Rat. You can climb up and appreciate the amazing perspective on the Adriatic Sea and close by islands or you can kayak around it. We highly recommend kayaking in Telascica Nature Park, famous for its lake, coves and small islands, as well is its 161m high cliffs. Exploring Golubinka cave by kayak is very special and most exciting experience.

Dugi otok has many beautiful bays which you can explore by campervan.

During your stay, take a day or half day boat trip to National Park Kornati and enjoy this nautical paradise.

Day 5


Take ferry back to Zadar and head more south to Lake Vrana and enjoy Kamenjak, in our opinion one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Croatia. Continue towards Skradin, a small town located near the Krka River and at the entrance to the Krka National Park. Spend an afternoon in National Park Krka, enjoy amazing waterfalls and beautiful nature. Spend your evening in romantic city of Šibenik. Explore its two UNESCO sites and many other attractions, relax on the beach, and try quality of Adriatic cuisine. Get a discounted price in Camp Skradinske delicije or Camp Marina.

Day 6 and 7


Continue your campervan road trip inland to hidden gem and one of (many) places in Dalmatia that simply leaves you breathless – Cetina Springs. It is situated right next to the small orthodox church dating back to 1939. Cetina Springs do not attract many people because they are not on the main tourist route, but please don’t skip this amazing place; it’s only 67km from Šibenik.

After visit Cetina Spring head to Split Croatia’s second-largest city. Split is a great place to see Dalmatian life as it’s really lived. Always buzzing, this exuberant city has just the right balance between tradition and modernity. Step inside Diocletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments) and you’ll see dozens of bars, restaurants and shops thriving amid the atmospheric old walls where Split has been humming along for thousands of years. Or skip bigger city and go to Trogir, city known for its mix of Renaissance, baroque, and Romanesque buildings. Old city of Trogir lies on a small island connected to the mainland and the island of Čiovo by bridges. Spend some time exploring this beautifull small city.

Day 8


Head north to Plitvice Lakes, oldest, largest, and most famous National Park in Croatia. We are sure you know about this National Park so we don’t have to give you any description, we can just say it simply amazing and unbelievable beautiful! During the peak season, this National Park is crowded be prepared to wait. Tip: Go to Plitvice Entrance 2 because there is way less tourists than Entrance 1. Near NP Plitvice you can visit the largest underground airport and military air base in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), and one of the largest in Europe – Željava. It is now abandoned but you can see the old Airplane Douglas and old airbase tunnels. Worth visiting to feel a bit of history.

After enjoying Plitvice Lakes take a drive to Senj and sleep in the area.

Day 9


In the morning, head south towards Starigrad and experience one of Europe’s most beautiful roads – Jadranska Magistrala or Adriatic Highway. You will be rewarded with a wonderful scenery of the Adriatic Sea and islands during the whole trip. Jadranska Magistrala is running all the way to Dubrovnik! Normally you need 3 hours to get to Starigrad but take it easy, enjoy your Croatia campervan trip and make many stops. There are plenty of amazing viewpoints along the road. After driving 60 km, make a stop in Zavratnica Bay near Senj. It is part of Nature Park Velebit and most beautiful bay in northern Adriatic. You can’t reach this bay by vehicle so choose between easy 30 min from Jablanac or take more adventurous trail from the village of Zavratnica. Additionally, there is a shipwreck from the Second World War, which sunk in the bay while hiding from British bombings, so the bay is great for snorkeling as well.

After exploring Zavratnica Bay, head south to National Park Paklenica. If you like climbing or hiking you’ll love Paklenica, which has the most popular walls in the country and 200 kilometres of trails. Enjoy the rest of the day here and spend a night in one of few campsites in Starigrad. If you are adventure seeker and nature lover, stay in Paklenica one more day and recharge your batteries.

Day 10


Continue your Croatia campervan trip and head towards most beautiful river in the country – Zrmanja, which canyon is perfect for kayaking. On your way to Zrmanja, take a stop at beautiful viewpoint Pariževačka glavica – place where they filmed the movies of Winnetou. Enjoy perfectly clear warm water and wonderful canyon in easy kayak ride. Don’t worry if you have never held a paddle, Zrmanja is a calm river (except in a case of strong wind). Usual starting points are Obrovac or Kastel Zegarski. Take it easy, take some food and drinks with you and enjoy adventurous kayak ride and beautiful sceneries. You can rent a kayak from us for very affordable prices. Check extra equipment here.

One more option to visit in this area is the longest and richest confluent of Zrmanja River – Krupa. Kudin most – or The Bridge of Kuda – is perhaps the most pleasant spot in the hinterland of Zadar. Simple to reach via campervan and after a short hike down the slope, carries you to the romantic spot which is protected monument from the 18th century. The legend tells that the bridge was built by Kude, a youngster who was separated from his love by the stream Krupa. This place is ideal to make a picnic in nature, surrounded by river and forest. On your way to Kudin most, you’ll pass some inland road with beautiful view of mountain Velebit. You will also pass-through old villages destroyed in domestic war 20 years ago, you can feel some Croatian sad history. You can sleep in our partners campsite Riva Rafting Center.

If you are more into mountain than river, go explore Velebit. If you are in good shape, climb to Sveto Brdo (Holly Hill) which is second peak of Mount Velebit – 1751 m. 360 degrees view from the top is the most beautiful in Croatia. For a day tour, usual starting point is Male Libinje, but you can also make a two-day route and enjoy Velebit even more. There is a beautiful and free mountain shelter you can sleep.

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