In this short route you are going to explore 2 countries nature wonders, scenic roads, ancient towns, coast and inland, National parks, island, crystal clear sea, culture, tasty cuisine, history and many more. You are going to experience beautiful and not so crowded Croatia without visiting famous Dalmatia.

Day 1

Begin in European capital of culture 2020 – Rijeka. Spend a day exploring its unusual history, charming city center, war tunnels, old factories and get the true local feeling without many tourist. If you have extra time, go visit Opatija. Sleep in city center or one of few campsites near Rijeka.

Check out here how to spend a day in Rijeka.


Day 2

In the morning, after your breakfast and coffee, head to Istria – largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. Drive to Pula (107km) and enjoy beautiful coastal road. On the way you can make few stops in charmful old villages or find a hidden beach and take a swim. Park your campervan i one of many parking lots and take a short boat ride to National Park Brijuni – once private summer residence for famous president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. Experience untouched nature, safari, rich culture and history of this islands. No cars allowed on island, but you can rent a golf car and drive around island, it is very funny.

Spend your evening in Pula and explore its three thousand year old history, where every step you take through the old town is a landmark, starts and finishes with the Roman amphitheater. During the months of July and August the amphitheater holds a series of concert and the atmosphere is just magical.


Day 3

In the morning, head to picturesque city of Rovinj. Don’t be surprised if you hear more Italian than Croatian language. The official language is Croatian but Italian is common as well due to the long historical influence. This charming city can be effortlessly walked over, which means you can explore the sights completely with no rush. In the afternoon, go to nearby Lim valley – the 35 km long valley of the river Pazinčica, which transforms into the Lim Channel a 10 kilometers long estuary. Enjoy fresh seafood with a view. In the evening, drive to ancient Roman town – Poreč. Walk around the old town and visit the Euphrasian Basilica which is protected by the UNESCO in 1997. Sleep in one of many camps in Porec.


Day 4

If you like Aquaparks, you can choose one of two parks (Aquacolors;Istralandia) near Poreč and spend a half day there or continue your trip to Motovun, the pearl of inland in Istria. Every summer, since 1999, Motovun has been the host of a famous film festival so try to be there at that time, it is really fun. Enjoy Istrian roads with the most stunning views and make sure to stop at a local konoba for lunch and sampling truffles, wine and olive oil. After exploring Motovun, continue to smallest town in the world, Hum. It is situated in the center of Istria region, near the town of Buzet, know as a “town of truffles”.


Day 5

Start your day early and drive 87km to Postojna Cave in Slovenia. 24km of caverns, tunnels and passages will take your breath away, belive us!! Take a remarkable ride on Postojna Cave’s underground train and experience an intriguing underground heaven. After your tour, go visit picturesque and magnificent Predjama castle. Go back to Croatia and find somewhere a nice camping spot, depend how tired are you and how much you want to drive.


Day 6

Head to Plitvice Lakes, oldest, largest and most famous National Park in Croatia. We are sure you know about this National Park so we don’t have to give you any description, we can just say it simply amazing and unbelievable beautiful! during the peak season, this National Park is pretty crowded be prepared to wait. Tip: Go to Plitvice Entrance 2 because there are way less tourists than Entrance 1.


Day 7

Go back to Rijeka to meet us and tell all your amazing road stories. Rijeka is 2 hours drive from Plitvice Lakes. If you have more time before your flight, stop in Fužine on the way back to Rijeka. Walk around beautiful Bajer lake, visit Vrelo cave and try some of the culinary specialties like frog legs and venison.

If you want more information or make some changes on this route, please contact us and we will help you! Take it easy and don’t forget we are here for you 🙂

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