Explore Adriatic pearl on a Croatia road trip

One of the largest but least developed of Croatia’s islands, relatively untouched pearl of Cres contains only 3,000 full-time human residents. It’s the island of rough wilderness, crystal clear sea, uncommon plants and animals, old settlements and breathtaking viewpoints from which you can see the entire Kvarner Bay, nearby islands and Istria. The island of Cres is famous for its hidden coves and beaches.

Take it easy and enjoy this wanderful hilly island of a special spirit.

How to get to Cres

To get to Cres you will have to travel by ferry. You can travel either via Krk (Krk bridge – Ferry Terminal Valbiska Krk – Ferry Terminal Merag Cres) or via Istria (Ferry Terminal Brestova Istra – Ferry Terminal Porozina Cres). Check here timetible and prices for ferries.

What to do on Cres

There are plenty of things you can do on Cres – and the main thing is definitely enjoying beautiful views, roads and nature – perfect for traveling by campervan.

Some of our suggestions:

Beli – beautiful old settlement and home to the Caput Insulae Eco Centre, which works to protect rare resident birds like griffon vultures which you can spot only here and at few other places in Europe.

Lubenice – wander around this 4,000-y1ear-old settlement which is home to 20 ageing souls and crumbling stone buildings, including a Romanesque chapel used as a storage space. Don’t forget to go to the nearby viewpoint which offers you an excellent view at one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia!

Valun – small fishing settlement right next to the sea. Enjoy a beautiful beach, pine trees odour, cricket sound, calm romantic atmosphere and domestic food and wine.

Go hiking in Tramontana – it’s a protected part located on the north of the island Cres. Spend a day of your vacation strolling along the mystical forest. In the area there are seven walking trails and three bike trails. Experience the wilderness, encounter the sheep, the turtles, the griffon vultures. Stop to see the labyrinths and go along the paths surrounded by stone walls.

Beach Mali Bok – a pebbly beach with wonderful crystal clear water, sheltered by high cliffs which also provide shade. A steep trail leads to the beach, however, it is well worth the effort.

Try domestic food – Cres is well known for its excellent lamb, so make sure to try that. The lamb has an extraordinary taste thanks to the traditional free sheep grazing. You should also try some fresh fishshrimpslobsters and other crabs and shells prepared in many different ways.

Useful information

In Cres you can find shops where you can find everything you need for your vacation but you should bear in mind that the prices on islands are usually a bit higher then on the mainland.

There are four idyllic campsites in Cres – Camp Kovačine, Camp Slatina, Camping Zdovice and Camping Brajdi. All of them are surrounded by clear sea and pebbly beaches.

The most important happening on the island of Cres is the summer carnival. The summer carnival in Cres is for sure one of the most appealing events at the Adriatic.

If you simply want to enjoy and relax in nature and beautiful countryside, this is the place for you.

There is no stress on Cres 🙂

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